Institute of Mental Health for Children and Adults

The Mental Health Institute for Children and Adults is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1995, by virtue of a licence issued by the Mental Health Dept. of the Ministry of Health, operating a Day Centre for children, adolescents and adults suffering from mental illness and mental disabilities. Based at the main facilities of the Institute in Kallithea, Attica, the Institute has provided its services to the community for almost two decades, in accordance with the principles and methodology of community and social psychiatry. Monitoring closely the ongoing reforms in the field of psychiatry and the needs and particular conditions of the Greek countryside, the M.H.I.C.A. gradually extended its activities and operated similar day centres in the Prefectures of Fokis, Fthiotis and Rodope.

The quality of M.H.I.C.A.’s services is of the highest level, as reflected in the sense of security and support felt by users. The Institute is staffed by highly-qualified scientific personnel experienced in mental health; its activity is complementary, not competitive, to that undertaken by the national health system, with the aim of providing the best care to its patients, informing the social whole and promoting awareness.

Apart from the clinical work, the other main objective of the organisation all these years has been to contribute decisively, via systematic and focused dissemination of information to the Community; to provide multi-faceted and accurate information on issues concerning mental health and the importance of prevention and practical social solidarity, with the ultimate aim of promoting awareness of mental health issues and ensuring that people with mental health problems are cared for in the context of an informed and socially responsible community. For 20 years the Institute has undertaken a large number of community sensitization activities and promotes the prevention of mental health problems, the early intervention, the social inclusion and employment of people with mental health problems, advancing their human rights and equal opportunities.

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